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I actually liked it :)

I like the animation style, and (most of) your drawings - Heck, its better than what i can make ;)

Oh, and bear over with Sol-Leks - apparently, his mother didn't love him very much, so he has a hard time apreciating anything that just has a bit of meaning.

I, however, liked it :)

Hey, not bad

I like the sarcaasm, although i think you should work a bit more on your music, and your non-sprite works.

Oh, by the way, loved the matrix thingy ;)


Next time you want to update your flash, use the menu and change the old one, instead of uploading it under a new name..

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

i tired, but it wouldnt let me. so fuck off

Hey, pretty sweet

Now, dont get me wrong. I know i haven't given you the best scores individually, but that is because i mean what i vote ;)

Anyways, good movie guys - not much storyline in it, but the animations were sweet - i especially loved the last 3 parts :)

Keep up the good work :)

J-Smooth responds:

Thanks Bafa

The group appreciates the positive review :)

That was pretty good...

I hereby forgive you for taking that long with the movie ;) Its nicer to se good movies (like this one) than half made, crappy movies from people who THINK they can do flash (like my movies... lol).

You'r drawing is pretty good. Ofcourse, there is some things i would have made different, but thats just the difference between artists...

Keep them coming - no matter how long it takes ;)

FireHound responds:

I'm sure your movies aren't THAT bad with a batting average of 2.8 - 2.9/5.00
But don't worry, more to come! (i think)

Nice work...

I think everybody has their own special place, where they flee to when times are bad. I know I do, and so does everybody else, whether they like it or not.

Even you sick NG fatatics, who are playing that hard and rough character... you have a place of your own, where you can find happyness and comfort - whether you like it or not...

You just have to live with it... i know i do...

The movie is just a simple, yet good, reminder, that when times are bad, you have to find that special place...

I know I do... :)

Pretty good

*sob* As soon as the bird knows how to fly, it leaves the nest.

You're big enuf to do it yourself now... thanks for the time we had. We did some great flashes... now i just guess you don't need me anymore for the graphics...

Great movie too... looove Monty Phyton :)


buhuuu... I miss Zelda now, you dick... j/K 'bout the dick thing, but it's been a real long time since i played Zelda. The last time was on a bus trip to France, where i played it all the time in the bus. Before that, we have to go back to when i had my 64-bit Nintendo, which i sold, and which probably has been destroyed or something. I miss those game..

Hmm, maybe i should make a "All Your Kirby"?? :P

"Don't blam it, dammin!"


Why is it on... spanish????

halford responds:

ohhh man!!isso é portugués do brasil eu moro no brasil mesmo e naum sei nada de espanhou!!!!mas valeu pela visita

No point what so ever...

... and I liked it :D

Omg, i r0x0r j00 n00b.. Heh.. no current projects, as i am generally braindead, and unable to come up with a new idea..

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